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Buffalo mass shooting victim Geraldine Talley had returned to the store to get iced tea

"One day I'll be up there with her, one day in heaven together.”
Posted at 6:21 PM, May 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-16 21:08:52-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Gregory Allen, a survivor and loved one of 62-year-old Geraldine Talley, speaks on who she is and his final moments with her on the sunny Saturday afternoon of a heinous mass shooting.

Allen sits down with a picture of both Ms. Talley and him.

He says they’ve been together for seven years.

That Saturday afternoon, he and Ms. Talley were spending quality time.

“Before we went to Tops, we were at Ferry Food we were there for three hours laughing and talking, laughing with each other, and I put lotion on her arms, but she was happy,” Allen says.

Allen continues to give his account of what happened during their final moments.

“So we walked in Tops, and we went down the aisle and made a left but then she told me she forgot the ice tea,” he says. “So I got the ice tea and went around the corner and the guy started shooting in the front they were shooting back and forth the security guard and everybody ran to the back.”

During those horrific seconds, Gregory lost his beloved Gerry.

“He kept shooting at me so I had to dodge all of these bullets he was shooting all of these aisles trying to get to me,” Allen says. “So I did a right turn and bullets ran pass by my head so then I went inside the white cooler.”

But Gregory squeezed himself in the cooler.

“Then a couple of minutes he was searching for me, and he couldn’t find me but I saw him walking slow, I thought he seen me,” he says. “But he didn’t so after that he walked back and forth, and at that, he went out the door.”

Gregory says police came, but he wasn’t allowed to search for Ms. Talley, yet Gregory says he will be with her when the time comes.

“I hope she’s good in heaven and I might be there one day you gotta go sometime," he says. "I know we’re not going to be on earth for a long time, but one day I'll be up there with her, one day in heaven together.”