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BTF: most McKinley HS teachers feel they were not "meaningfully involved" in reopening process

Posted at 9:01 AM, Mar 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-11 09:01:38-05

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — The Buffalo Teachers Federation says a survey sent to teachers at McKinley High School found an overwhelming majority felt they were not involved in the school's reopening process this week.

The teacher union conducted the survey Thursday.

McKinley HS teachers survey on reopening process.

According to the results, 89.13% of teachers at McKinley High School did not feel they were "meaningfully involved" in the process as students returned to the building this week.

They were given a chance to comment anonymously on how they feel this week has gone and a majority of teachers who commented slammed the Buffalo Public School District for how it handled bringing students back to the school following the February 9 attack on school grounds.

"How can you institute a plan without the "new" principal? That was pure bs. You can't reset without all essential people in place - namely, the principal of the building who was coming down hard last week and completely disappeared this week. Really?!?? Then you send clueless people from downtown who belittle us as if we have no clue about what goes on in our school, let alone any school, when we are the ones who know the real deal. I am sick of false representation, a false sense of security, and loser, incompetent people hiding at City Hall. I did not see security on my floor. I didn't see extra people on my floor. What has really changed?"

Other teachers shared similar sentiments:

"A bunch of empty suits from City Hall that nitpick about dumb, nonsensical things such as objectives, illegal modules (we have academic freedom) and lesson plans instead of keeping students and staff safe. Instead of your pompous criticism of teachers, support us. We are on the front lines."
"New principal is on vacation! No consistency following through the new rules! Some students don't seem to follow the protocol! I am still concerned!"
"Teachers input [was] not taken until at a meeting yesterday! Downtown is making decisions without teacher input. Procedures for some new safety issues are not in place (Teachers have voiced this at [the] meeting yesterday.) Safety issues with some students still in the classroom are not resolved. Very sad that they rushed to reopen fully when [the] new Principal is not here to be visible and enforcing rules himself."

Not all of the feedback was critical, though. Some teachers who responded said they were glad to have the students back in school.

"I am satisfied with a plan and really glad the kids came back before originally expected."
"No metal detectors yet. So glad students are back in the building! (Not sarcasm, I really am happy they are back!)"
"I am glad students are back in the building."