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Blue meth and modified pellet gun seized in Hamilton raid

Posted at 8:24 AM, Mar 01, 2019

HAMILTON, ON (WKBW) — Police in Hamilton, Ontario found some unusual items during a drug raid in the Canadian city on Wednesday.

A search warrant was executed at a home in the west end of Hamilton during an investigation into drug trafficking and gun violence. Police discovered a large amount of bright blue colored methamphetamine as well as a quantity of a heroin/fentanyl mix.

In addition to the drugs, investigators found a pellet gun revolver that had been modified to fire .22 caliber bullets. 3 stun guns, cash and a money counting machine were also seized.

James Dowling, 29 and Samantha Loveridge, 30, are both facing a list of drug and firearm related charges.

These arrests came as part of a new "Make Safe" task force intended to address a recent uptick in shootings in Hamilton.