1227 WILLIAM CLAY.png William Clay, 56, Buffalo — William’s sister Sophia says her brother died on Christmas Eve, which was also his 56th birthday. He was on his way to the store when the weather worsened. She describes him as an an avid reader who was very religious and read his Bible every day. “There’s people in this world that can quote the Bible but it’s not in their hearts. He’s one of those people that it was in his heart. He spoke it; he lived it.”Photo by: Sophia Clay 1227 AANDEL TAYLOR.png Anndel Taylor, 22, Buffalo — At just 22, Anndel is the youngest person to die in the blizzard. Her family told WSOC-TV she was born in Buffalo but moved to Charlotte when she was two years-old. She returned to Buffalo just last year to be the caregiver for her ailing father. She got stuck in her car Friday afternoon while trying to get home from work. She called 911, but first responders were unable to reach her. Rescuers found her in her car about 18 hours later. Her mother believes she died of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a snow-clogged exhaust pipe.Photo by: Provided by family 1227 HENRY TELLADO.png Henry Tellado, 55, Buffalo — Henry’s parter of five years says he came in the house on Christmas Eve out of breath after 20 minutes of shoveling. He collapsed and died of a heart attack. Henry had just returned to Western New York after attending his daughter’s graduation in Florida on December 17th.Photo by: Provided by family 1228 Monique Alexander.jpg Monique Alexander, 52, Buffalo — Monique's daughter Casey Maccarone says her mother went out on Christmas Eve and never returned. Casey says she wasn't sure why she left the house but assumed it was to get some things before the stores closed. According to Casey, she learned of her mother's death after a man found her body and contacted her through Facebook. Statement from Casey: “My mother was the rock of our family, she was everyone’s favorite (favorite cousin, favorite grandma, etc). You could count on her for anything, she was the caretaker everytime someone needed them. She loved her friends and family to death. Mostly her 3 grandkids. She would give you the shirt off her back, even to strangers. During the holidays she would even cook for neighbors or strangers who she knew didn’t have families, because she cared that much.”Photo by: Casey Maccarone Abdul Sharifu Abdul Sharifu, 26, Buffalo — According to the Washington Post, Sharifu came to Buffalo from Congo after spending more than a decade in a refugee camp. He was about to become a first-time father. His cousin tells the Washington Post Sharifu left his apartment on Christmas Eve to buy milk for hungry children in his building. He was later found on a sidewalk after he became stuck in snow.Photo by: Ally Sharifu LEDERISE CURRY.jpg Lederise Curry, 46, Buffalo — A loving daughter, aunt, sister and mother. Curry's niece tells 7 News, "she literally could light up the room anytime she came in. She was very shy, quiet, but no matter what, when you got her personality going . . . She was literally my best friend. I love my aunt so much and I wish I had one more chance to be like, 'thank you.'"Photo by: Provided by family