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Bills putting Buffalo on the map, attracting national attention

Posted at 8:07 PM, Dec 14, 2020

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WKBW) — It’s the one season Bills fans haven’t attended a single game at Bills Stadium, and the team is having their best season since the 1990’s.

The team’s success is driving sales, and improving the perception of our city.

“This is the best Bills team of my life,” said Jon Donoghue, a die-hard Bills fan.

Many Bills fans are soaking up another team national spotlight win. Sunday’s win over the Steelers could be seen across the country.

Bills Mafia, taking to Twitter in droves.

With the best season since the 90’s, there’s only one thing that’s missing—Bills Mafia in person.

“Obviously wish I could be there—definitely would have got season tickets this year,” said Donoghue.

Over at Sports Obsession in the Walden Galleria, fans are obsessed with Bills jerseys. They’re getting hard to come by.

“Everyone’s hyped,” said store manager Cruz Adams.

Adams says the demand for current player Bills jerseys is unlike any other season. Already on victory Monday, the store is selling out of the red jerseys the team wore Sunday night.

“It’s tough this year with merchandise, getting more merchandise in with the high demand, and COVID pushing deliveries back,” he said.

The team’s success is being seen near and far.

“Usually all they show is chicken winds and Niagara Falls, last night they showed Sheas, but last night there were a ton of great shots of the city,” Donoghue said.

“So many cutaways showed the great things we have to offer in Buffalo,” Patrick Kaler of Visit Buffalo Niagara said.

Kaler says now, people are seeing Buffalo as much more than just the home of the chicken wing.

Even with tourism numbers down because of COVID, he’s hopeful this national spotlight will help people remember Buffalo for trips in the future.

“Having the game on national TV is going to inspire travelers for the future,” he said.