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Bills Mafia gets ready for Monday Night Football, saying cold weather won't stop them

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Posted at 11:15 PM, Dec 05, 2021

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WKBW) — Dozens of Bills’ fans from all over began gathering in an Abbott Road camper lot on Sunday evening ahead of Monday night’s big game against the New England Patriots. And they all said camping in the lot has given them lasting memories.

“Comradery with all our friends, all the Bills’ fans from everywhere,” camper and Bills’ fan Rick Genesse said.

“The people I’ve met in this lot over the years, they’ve become lifelong friends,” camper and Bills’ fan Joe Mineo said. “And its always good to see them.”

“The atmosphere out here is unbelievable,” camper and Bills’ fan Shane Becker said. “You got to be here to experience it.”

And they said being in the lot is the best way to experience a bills game.

“There’s nothing like being here, you’re right here at the stadium,” Genesse said. “Sometimes the bills and the coaches come walking through.”

Bills’ fans said even the cold weather isn’t enough to stop them from getting together to cheer their team on

“Every time we come here; it is always the best,” camper and Bills’ fan Fred Tarajos said. “And it doesn’t matter what the weather is, we manage to adapt.”

“It’s better in the cold,” Becker said. “This is buffalo football; this is what we like.”

For some, this is their first time camping before a bills game while others have been camping for more than ten years.

“Every time it’s an evolutionary process,” Tarajos said

“More and more equipment, better tents, heaters,” Genesse said.

Patriots’ and Bills’ fans alike said even though there’s a rivalry, they enjoy each other’s company before the game begins. And fans said the lot is like one big family.

“They’re great people,” camper and Bills’ fan Peter Ricci Budaj said. “I’ve met some dynamite friends I’ve had forever now.”

“I didn’t know these guys before I started camping in this camper lot and now, we’re all just great buddies,” Genesse said.”