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Bill would make all boaters pass safety course

Posted at 11:24 PM, May 27, 2019

New York is like most states when it comes to requirements for driving a boat, not much is needed. You don't need a boater’s license or any formal training, but that may change.

Brianna's Law has already passed the state senate as a part of a group of bills known as the Transportation Safety Laws. It’s waiting for the assembly to make a decision on it.
The bill requires boaters to pass a safety course before hitting the water.

Boaters right now born after 1996 already must take a safety course.

This legislation would gradually raise the age requirement for the course, when eventually everyone who wants to boat, would need to take it.

If the bill passes, starting in 2020, all boaters born after 1993 would need to take a safety course before driving a boat. All boaters would need to take the course by 2024.