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'Be focused, run fast': Young Bills fans stoked for this weekend's Bills vs. Patriots matchup

"To be proactive and have growth mindsets. Me and Daddy just thought about it."
Ms. Hiller's Willow Ridge second grade class
Posted at 6:42 PM, Jan 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-14 18:43:51-05

AMHERST, N.Y. (WKBW) — No doubt, Bills fever has hit Western New York.

It really hit Mrs. Sperrazza's 'Pre-K Four' class at Notre Dame Academy.

Her class is not the only class sharing their school spirit with the Buffalo Bills. So is Ms. Hiller's 2nd grade class, at Willow Ridge Elemengary School, in Amherst.

"I'm hoping that the Bills win," Willow Ridge 2nd grade student, Kaitlin said.

Kaitlin shares has high hopes that the Bills will win this weekend.

Second grade student, Legend added, "Very, very, very excited."

Legend shares how he'll celebrate a Bills win: by jumping on his bed.

Welcome to Room 207 at Willow Ridge Elementary School, where the "fandemonium" is reaching fever pitch ahead of Saturday's play-off match-up against the patriots.

"I might watch the game with my dad. He's really excited because he watches every time the Bills play," Kaitlin said.

Legend added, "Well, I don't want to jump up and down because my mom gets mad when I jump up and down, but I do like jumping up and down on my bed. That's what I'm going to do when the Bills win."

The second grade class getting pumped up by their teacher, Ms. Lauren Hiller.

Ms. Hiller said, "The students know that I love the Buffalo Bills and it's that shared experience. When we all come together, it's something to have fun and celebrate. We talk all the time in the classroom. We work hard and then we play hard."

A member of Bills Mafia herself, Ms. Hiller sprinkles life lessons into her classroom using bills players.

"They know, there was a game this year and Stefan Diggs fell in the end zone and got back up and made the touchdown. That Monday, when we got back in, we talked about that. Sometimes, you can't give up. You got to keep going. They learn from the players. They're role models." Ms. Hiller added, "It's pushing through. Having that beginning with an end in mind. Every single week when Josh Allen is interviewed, he continues to say it's one game but we continue to keep going, with that vision of the Super Bowl in mind. The students have that mindset too. When they learn something new the first time, it might be hard. It's that struggle. The pushing through. The perseverance."

Students were also asked to share their thoughts on how the Bills should take on the Patriots in the wild-card game.

"Josh Allen, you shouldn't be afraid to run the ball or chuck it down to Devin Singletary. Don't forget to try hard and don't forget to stay warm and eat a lot for breakfast so you don't go hungry during the game," Kaitlin explained.

"Advice for the Buffalo Bills. Be focused, run fast, get a touchdown. You got this," Twins Mustafa and Malek said.

Mustafa and Malek share their thoughts on how the Bills should approach the game.

"To be proactive and have growth mindsets. Me and Daddy just thought about it," Maris added.

Maris believes the Bills need to be "proactive and have growth mindsets" to win the game against the Patriots Saturday.

"Eat a healthy meal. Warm up before a game. Play their best and let's go Bills," Legend said.

Win or lose, these back to back AFC East champs will continue to fill the hearts of these star struck students.

Bills fever does not stop there! Those who plan to celebrate over the next few days are encouraged to post pictures on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #FanFeed. They may show up on 7 News!