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Angola parents upset following teacher's sudden resignation

Posted at 6:20 PM, Feb 18, 2019

Maggie Grey and other Angola parents said their universal pre-kindergarten teacher was forced out by the YMCA of Buffalo Niagara, which runs the U.P.K. program at William Hoag Educational Center.

It stems from an accident last month when a boy fell in the school. According to the parents, someone in the building was required to have first aid and C.P.R. certification, and they said their teacher was the only one qualified.

“She was in a different part of the building and wasn't part of the incident,” said parent, Kimberly Houston.

So, when the state stepped in to investigate, the parents said the teacher wouldn't show her certification because she wasn't responsible for the boy's care, and therefore wouldn't cover for the Y.

The Y is saying it's all a misunderstanding.

Reps for the nonprofit said they wanted the teacher's certification on file and it was poor timing to make that request.

Ali Touhey: Did she know why she was being asked for her certification?
YMCA Buffalo Niagara Childcare Operations Director Penny Snell: I can't answer that question.

Furthermore, Snell said the teacher wasn't being asked to be the sole adult certified in first aid. Snell said others were present.

The state found no wrongdoing over how the boy's accident was handled. Still, Snell said they’re conducting their own internal review.