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$18 million project to rehabilitate Main Street from Goodell to Ferry

Posted at 5:44 PM, May 22, 2019

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Potholes plague the streets of Buffalo, and on Main Street they've become quite a nuisance this year.

Especially for businesses like the Anchor Bar.

"Potholes are bad. Especially in this area," said Jason Ryals, Anchor Bar's General Manager

"They're unbelievable. It blows my mind," said Kaylene Dunning, a server trainer at Anchor Bar.

But the Department of Public Works said it might have a solution. The city is looking at an $18 million project to for Main Street, from Goodell Street to Ferry Street.

"We're going to completely rehabilitate it into a complete street," said Public Works Commissioner Michael Finn.

Commissioner Finn said the project is currently in the design stages, but the plan is to make that stretch of Main Street look similar to the recent improvements on Niagara Street.

The project is set to begin next year, and is being paid for by federal, state and city money.

Some ideas for the rehabilitation include reducing the number of lanes from four to three, with the hope of reducing congestion. Another idea is a cycle track.

But Commissioner Finn said the city will continue to do spot repairs on potholes to extend the life of the pavement. But it's a process.

"One of our challenges whenever we're doing work around the city is coordinating with all the development that's going on around downtown," he said.

Anchor Bar staff member Kaylene Dunning said she's glad to hear that something is going to be done.

"I think that's excellent. Main Street is the gateway to downtown, everybody travels from the northtowns up Main Street to get here," she said.

"I know the city is working on it, hopefully sooner than later especially for us as our tourist season it about to kick off in the next month or so," said Ryals.

Commissioner Finn said the next step is to get input from the public and stake holders along that stretch of Main Street.