Local makeup line makes international headlines

Posted at 8:43 PM, Feb 09, 2016

Deborah Waldrop admits that in the early days of creating SmudgeFIXX, she was literally - and figuratively - making it up as she went along.

"I had no experience being a business person. My best friend was Google," Waldrop said.

The former physical therapist got the idea of creating an eye makeup smudge-repair system after too many frustrating makeup mishaps. Juggling work with motherhood, makeup was the last thing she wanted to worry about. 

Waldrop was committed to turning her business idea into a reality.

"I used Google to research prototypes, manufacturers, cosmetics. It was literally one step in front of the other to take me to the next step. It was just hard work and perseverance," the Lakeview N.Y. resident said.

SmudgeFIXX launched in October 2015. Already, it has made headlines on blogs across the United States, and on a national television program in Canada.

The makeup is manufactured in Ontario, Canada. The product’s casing is manufactured in China.

Currently, the product is sold online, but Waldrop says talks are underway to have it sold in stores.