Local kids gyms taking extra precautions against flu germs

Posted at 6:34 PM, Jan 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-29 18:36:30-05

Kids gyms... a place where families come for fun and activity. It can also be a hot spot for germs, specifically the flu virus. 

Rachel Daving, owner of The Little Gym of Williamsville, says staff deep cleans multiple times a day and a deep clean moving equipment every week.   

She says hundreds of kids and their families visit the gym on a weekly basis, so making sure everything is as clean as possible is a top priority. 

The Little Gym has a so-called 'yuck bucket' if at some point during the class.

 If a child puts something in their mouth, they have the child put the object in the bucket so that germs aren't passed around.

The gym's make-up policy is lenient when it comes to a sick kid.

"If your little one isn't feeling good or if you think they're getting sick, we just ask families to keep their kids home," Daving said.

Rolly Pollies in East Amherst has the same policy.

"Creating a safe environment for families means also doing everything we can to keep kids healthy and safe and keeping those germs to themselves," Jim Fleckenstein, owner, said.

He says he's cleaning throughout the day  and every nine weeks the gym shuts down completely for an entire week to clean every nook and cranny.

"Everything I would do to protect my kids, I will do to protect every body else's kids that come in here," Fleckenstein said.