Local cancer patients get their own prom

Posted at 11:44 PM, Jun 03, 2016

For one night, more than 50 local teenagers got to forget their complicated medical situations, and enjoy a carefree evening at the Moonlight Masquerade.

The third annual "Teens Living With Cancer Prom" sponsored by Roswell Park was held Friday at the Hotel Lafayette for local cancer patients and their guests.

Fourteen-year old Kylee Bukowski says this event is a great way to distract herself from the difficulties of cancer treatment.

"You are in the hospital, all cooped up and sad. It's not any fun. When you can enjoy everything else, it's fun," Bukowski said.

The event is designed to give teens who missed their high school prom due to cancer treatment a prom of their own.

"This gives them their prom, and experience it with their friends. It allows them to go out as teens and have the best night of their life," Teens Living With Cancer coordinator Kelly Callahan said.

Members of the Clarence High School Football Team acted as escorts for the attendees.

For patient Danni Pierinni, Prom has become an annual event to look forward to along the long cancer journey.

"It feels so good. This is my last one, and every year it just looks like I'm healthier and healthier. It's great," Pierini said.