Local bakery churns out 15,000 Paczki on Paczki Day!

Celebrating Paczki Day? Here are 7 of your favorite places to get paczki around Western New York
Posted at 11:56 AM, Feb 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-28 11:56:44-05

Hundreds of thousands of fried pastries are being made in the kitchen of a popular Polish Bakery throughout the day.

In celebration of Fat Tuesday, also celebrated as Paczki Day in Western New York, Chrusciki Bakery in Lancaster is proofing, frying, glazing and filling 15,000 Polish donuts.

They're going to be distributed across their three locations in Williamsville, Lancaster and at the Broadway Market.

Chrusciki Bakery uses a completely from-scratch, authentic family recipe for their Paczki. They come glazed, rolled in granulated sugar or powdered sugar and filled with raspberry, Bavarian cream, lemon or prune fillings.