Local bakeries seeing a boost in 'gender reveal' orders

Some say growing party trend is problematic
Posted at 7:01 AM, Jul 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-24 07:01:31-04

Baby bumps and business bumps...apparently they go hand in hand. A local bakery is seeing orders for 'gender reveal' cakes skyrocket as the trend takes off on social media.

Gender reveal parties are when expecting parents learn the sex of their baby in a fun way, like letting pink or blue balloons fly out of a box or cutting into a cake filled with pink or blue frosting.

Dessert Deli owner Trish Mullaney says she's seen orders increase within the past year. "About one or two years ago we had maybe one, two a month. Now this weekend we're doing two, so it's really taken off," says Mullaney. 

Mullaney says social media like Pinterest and Facebook have made the parties more popular. She says she and her staff love these orders because they get to open the sonogram envelopes and also be a part of a special family celebration.

There's online chatter about how these parties can actually be more of a problem than they are fun. Some forums say these parties unfairly enforce gender roles before a baby is even born and assume that a baby's gender is determined by their anatomy. 

Mullaney disagrees, saying these parties are just a creative way to celebrate a family's special moment, "Not once have I ever seen a family be disappointed with whatever the filling inside that cake is. They're happy no matter what, they're having a baby."