Local actors gear up for opening day of Marshall

Posted at 6:24 AM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-13 08:03:02-04

The Hollywood historic hit Marshall officially hits theaters today, among the stars, the Queen City herself and a series of local actors - like Don Gervasi who plays a reporter, and John Kreuzer who plays a sheriff with several lines, as well as local crew.

From City Hall to the Central Terminal, and a few other landmarks here and there, Buffalo shines bright on the big screen.

As the film industry continues to thrive, more and more movies are choosing Buffalo as a backdrop.

Whether it's the accessibility to architectural landmarks or the affordability of space here, the increase in opportunities for local actors like Don and John, veteran actors and longtime friends who both appear in the movie, is beyond exciting.

“I think producers see the change here, the renaissance and view this as a city that’s going places,” Kreuzer, who plays a sheriff in the film says. 

“In my opinion, as far as major films go, I think Marshall is really going to open the door for more big projects to make their way to Buffalo,” Gervasi continued.

The story, which is set to take place in Bridgeport, Connecticut in the 1940s, highlights the early career of Thurgood Marshall, the young African-American Lawyer turned Supreme Court Justice.

So, why shoot in Buffalo? Simply put, because the history was here - the buildings were here. 

“I think being a part of something this big is great, not only great  for the city at large, but for us local actors and for crew here. There’s so much talent here and I think as time goes by and as producers talk to producers, who talk to directors, people will start to see that in major cities too,” Gervasi continued. 

One thing is certain, the shine of Hollywood lights is dimming no time soon here.

Recently, Western New York native and A-list actor,  William Fictner wrapped his movie, ColdbrookAnd currently, another installment of the Purge series is being filmed. 

All of this, proof that Buffalo has made a name for itself as a true competitor in the Hollywood game.

Opening day of Marshall, is Friday October, 13th. For times and locations visit Fandango's website.