Living the American dream: winners selected for 43North's "The Pitch"

Posted at 11:12 PM, Oct 20, 2016

Rubens Mukunzi is the founder of multi-language newspaper, Karibu News. He's also the winner of 43North's  business competition, "The Pitch," which gives three local minority and women-owned business owners up to $20,000. Rubens got first place.

"Oh my God, I thought maybe I was dreaming but... it's real!" said Mukunzi. "This for me shows me that I did good work not only for me but for the community."

It's that community that gathered Thursday night at the Museum of Science to watch the competition first hand. A competition that empowers the minority community locally.

"There are success stories all over the United States and what's so good is now Buffalo has those success stories," said Jennifer Parker, emcee for "The Pitch," who specializes in community and minority outreach. 

"Entrepreneurship is critically important to every healthy community and we're really excited to see the way things are trending here in Buffalo as people get more interested in founding companies and pursuing their entrepreneurial dream here in Western New York," said Peter Burakowski, 43North's Director of Marketing.

Everyone was a winner Thursday night. The other competitors, Rachel's Remedy and Urban Fruits and Veggies, both went home with $5,000. Something one of the judges, and runner-up to last year's 43North competition, says they should be proud of.

"You get a couple of minutes to share your passion, your mission, and your ability to execute or at least make me think that you can execute as an entrepreneur," said Ace Callwood, Painless 1099 CEO. "That is tough but very telling of how an entrepreneur can exewcute and think on their feet."

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