Life-long Bills fans show their support for the team

Posted at 2:19 AM, Jan 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-03 02:19:35-05

17 years without the playoffs, but life-long Bills fans are not giving up.

"It's like you get a tattoo, and it's with you for life," said Rich Foley. "That's waht the Bills are. They're with you for life, one way or another, good, bad, or ugly. We're here, they're here."

"I know we've been patient for 17 years but it's gonna happen," said Charles Pellien. "We're going to get this back on track and we're going to have a winning team."

More than a dozen fans stood outside of New Era Field in Orchard Park, cheering on their team, as the players drove in and out of the stadium.

"A lot of the players have rolled down their windows and yelled back to us but we can't hear them because we're yelling back to them, showing our support," said Trisha Brown. 

The players appreciated every bit, honking away as they left the stadium. For some players, honking just wasn't enough. They started giving out signed helmets and signing jerseys for life-long fans, like Robert, who stood outside of the stadium cheering on the players.

Robert's new treasured item: a signed jersey from Leger Douzable, and for Foley, another fan, a signed souvenir helmet from Ronald Darby. Highlights of the day for these determined Bills fans.

"I love it, I'm a fan," said Robert Evans who helped plan the rally. "I'm here to support my team o matter what happens."

"It's in our blood," said Pellien. "Me and some of the other guys, we grew up in the shadow of the stadium. It's been part of our lives since we were little boys. We'll always be Bills fans whether they wi or lose."

The fans were there from eight in the morning.