LGBT Community Rallies Against President Trump's Ban on Transgender Service Members

Posted at 6:46 PM, Jul 29, 2017

President Trump’s ban on transgender people from serving in the military caused outrage here in Western New York. The rally started with the Pledge of Allegiance in Lafayette Square at 10 a.m. on Saturday. President Trump tweeted the news on Twitter with three tweets on Wednesday. A few dozen people gathered for one reason: to speak out against the ban.

Tim Kennedy, New York State Senator, says supporters will only move forward together united.“ There is no place anywhere in our nation, especially in our nation's military, the most honorable thing anyone could do is put on the military uniform. There is no place for discrimination,” Sen. Kennedy said.

The LGBT community let their voices be heard after the attack on their community. Trio Michael, who spoke at the rally, served in the Marine Corp for five years. “This is about the equal rights of all American citizens being protected though threatened,” Michael said.

Defense officials say the joint chiefs of staff were blinded by the idea. The big worry is that the change could force thousands of troops out of the military. The Pentagon is waiting for an official write-up from the White House on what it wants out of the policy change. Defense Secretary, James Mattis, will review that plan and issue a report on how it should be rolled out.