"Let's get it done" neighbors hope for safer road in Newstead

Posted at 11:28 PM, Jun 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-08 13:59:45-04

The corner of Davison and Howe road in Newstead has been making neighbors nervous. 

"We need common sense, a fatality (in 2016) is in the books," Stan Serwon, a neighbor living on Davison said, "What else? How many more."

Neighbors say the intersection is prone to accidents, with one happening as recent as two weeks ago. 

"It's bad, when it happens it's really bad" Serwon said. 

That's why Serwon is looking for Erie Counties help in placing a four way stop at the intersection. 

"We have to have a four way stop there plain and simple."

According to Erie County, that is not exactly an easy decision to be made. 

The County did a study on the road three years ago to determine if more stop signs are needed. Typically they would add one if a road has about 500 cars every eight hours. On Davison road, there were only 50 per hour. 

"You don't want to put a stop sign on Davison if it is not warranted" Charles Sackler, DPW Deputy Commissioner said. 

As of now, Erie County says they are still looking into the possibility of adding more signs. 

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