Let it Snow: A Buffalo 'Frozen' parody video

Posted at 12:55 PM, Nov 22, 2014
and last updated 2015-11-17 12:48:55-05

Everyone knows that Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors-- but did you know that one of those neighbors has an amazing voice?

Visit Buffalo Niagara released this video, “Let It Snow: A Buffalo ‘Frozen’ Parody,” Friday, November 21 as a tribute to the resiliency of Buffalo and its residents.

Since its unveiling, the video has been viewed over 96,000 times. It has been retweeted by national media, including CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore and NBC’s Luke Russert.

VBN and Paget Films co-produced the two-minute video. Michele Marie Benzin (nee Roberts) provided the vocals, while Karen Healy pitched the concept and wrote the additional lyrics.  VBN staff collected photos to use in the montage through social media.

Watch the video below, and tell us what you think!