Legally blind woman says she was hassled by bus driver

Posted at 11:29 PM, Jan 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-12 23:29:46-05

A Cheektowaga woman, who is legally blind says she was  hassled by an NFTA bus driver while she was trying to purchase a reduced bus fare.

Nancy Hodges says she was traveling from Cheektowaga to Buffalo on the #1 William bus, when she tried to use her Medicare card for a reduced fare, and she was denied.

"He said 'why should I give you a reduced fare card...you don't look like you're disabled.'"

She says the driver went on to say, "You're going to start paying full price because Donald Trump said this is a new America and everybody is going to have to pay their own way."

Hodges says the driver eventually sold her the ticket, but continued the harassment for the entire 30 minute bus ride.

"He just kept saying that I need to get a job and pay my way and I don't look disabled. I told him, I would rather you not talk to me...you don't know anything about me. I'm 75% blind, have had two back surgeries and two foot surgeries."

Upset and furious, Hodges immediately called her cousin, who then called the NFTA to file a report.

"Who is he to say what disabled looks like," said Hodges cousin Angela.

We reached out to the NFTA and a spokesperson tells us:

"We take these comments very seriously and we're reviewing all available video so that we can determine what transpired. We will take the appropriate action depending on what we see."

7 Eyewitness News has filed a Freedom of Information Request with the NFTA  for the bus video and are waiting to hear back.