Learn Hanukkah's history through food at the JCC

Posted at 9:17 AM, Dec 03, 2018

One of the best ways to explore a new culture and its traditions is through food. This Hanukkah season, you can snack on traditional latkes while you celebrate the eight-day holiday.

The Jewish Community Center is hosting Latke Fest all days of Hanukkah, serving up the crispy, creamy potato pancakes. Annie Krause will be serving up different flavors of latkes every day of the week at the JCC in Getzville, from the traditional potato to parsnip to carrot. Krause will also share her recipes.

Latkes are traditionally served at Hanukkah because of the way they're cooked- in hot oil. The oil is a nod to the oil that lit the Maccabee's menorah for eight nights. The potato pancakes themselves come from the story of Judith, a Jewish heroine known for killing Holofernes, the head of the Assyrian army.  Judith killed the general after he passed out after she fed him cheesy, salty pancakes and wine.

"Hanukkah is the celebration of light over darkness and freedom over slavery," says Richard Zakalik, Executive Director of the JCC of Greater Buffalo. Zakalik encourages anyone wanting to learn more about the holiday to reach out.

You can learn more about the JCC's programs, open to all, here.

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