Leap year babies delivered by a leap year baby

Posted at 9:51 PM, Feb 29, 2016

How would you like to have an eleven year old deliver your newborn baby?

For Rebecca Taboni, it was actually reassuring. 

Taboni was uneasy about giving birth to Ella on a leap year because of how different her child's birthday situation will be from the rest of the kids in the school yard, but knowing her OBGYN is also leap year baby brought her a sense of confidence.

"I was skeptical when it happened, but Dr. Aronica made me feel better about it," Taboni said.

Dr. Lynn Marie Aronica was born on February 29th, 44 years ago.  The director of the OB/GYN Center at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo wanted to deliver a baby on her birthday so that she could help parents understand how they work.

"Every four years, it's a very special, special birthday.  You should celebrate and go all out and do something unique for the unique birthday," Dr. Aronica said.

Other parents of leap year babies heeded her advice.  Ashlee Flanagan gave birth to little Renlee, and has now got the annual celebration plans all figured out.

"I decided that if she's born before 12 o'clock in the afternoon she'd be on the 28th, and if [she's born] after 12:00PM, she would be on [March] 1st, so we're going to celebrate her birthday the 28th," Flanagan said.