Lancaster Speedway cancels Cruise Night for the rest of May

Posted at 1:53 PM, May 21, 2017

The two remaining Cruise Nights scheduled in May at the Lancaster National Speedway & Dragway have been canceled due to an altercation between security officers and a patron on Wednesday.

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Management says it will use the time to review its policies and the structure of Cruise Night instead. The Speedway management says it will decide what changes need to be made in order for Cruise Night to continue. Future plans will be revealed June 1.

"We have repeatedly asked patrons in the past to respect our property and recognize the fact we have drag racing and stock car teams that race here on a weekly basis," said Tim Packman, Track President. "While many have heeded our request, a small portion has not and continues to do donuts, burnouts and/or destroy the property while here for Cruise Night."

Packman says one of these incidents resulted in the altercation on Wednesday. He says local authorities are helping the track to investigate.

"A video was shared on social media of the incident before anyone from the track cold review it and address the situation," said Packman. "That has resulted in posted threats, messages and aggressive phone calls to the track that were troubling. I personally will not put anyone at risk that steps foot on this property. We have worked too hard to get back to being a place that families, fans and racers look forward to attending events."

All other scheduled events will continue as planned.