Lancaster man honored with posthumous Purple Heart

Posted at 10:27 AM, Oct 16, 2018

Exactly 100 years after Private Walter Rydzewski was shot in World War I, he receives a posthumous Purple Heart.

Rydzewski was shot in the chest on October 14, 1918 in France.

Rydzewski's nephew, great granddaughter, and great grandson received the award on his behalf.

His family said it all started with an search.

"I didn't know much about my grandmothers father, so I made that my main focus. And the more I found I kept saying it to my uncle. We kept making the connections. We figured out who he was. We knew for a fact it was him. He (Rydzewski's nephew) realized he never got his purple heart, so he made it his mission to make this happen," Traci Vanzyl, his great granddaughter,  said.


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