WNY twins win $50,000 on Christmas Light Fight

Posted at 11:44 PM, Dec 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 21:19:35-05

Twin brothers from Western New York have won The Great Christmas Light Fight Challenge.

The Field twins, Larry and Dennis, beat out three other light displays to win a trophy and $50,000.  

The Light Fight aired on 7ABC Monday night.  

The reward for their teamwork comes after years of trying to out-do each other with festive exterior illumination.

“The reality is, I've always been the one that lead the way,” said Dennis.

This year they joined forces.  Twice the fun, twice the bulbs, something like 300,000, and twice the work.

“The lights are just a small part of it. The computer programming and the wiring behind the scenes really is the hard part,” said Dennis.

“It took us about two month to put this display together,” said Larry.

If you don't quite have the time to do something like Field twins, have no fear. If you have the money, you could get someone to create a holiday light show for you. 

“We do about 120 to 130 displays every year,” said Bill Spahn.

S&K Holiday Lighting actually specializes in putting Christmas lights up for you.

“Not everyone does as many displays as we do or are as perfectionists as we are,” said Spahn, the owner of S&K.

You can see their festive creation on 1662 Schoellkopf Road, Lake View. When you are there, make sure to tune the car radio to 93.5 FM.