Lake Erie is not doing so great

Posted at 6:13 PM, Jun 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-23 18:13:29-04

Lake Erie could be in jeopardy according to the “State of the Great Lakes 2017 Highlights Report.”

The report consist of studies from 44 different entities and the Environmental Protection Agency for both the United States and Canada. It says that Lake Erie is in the worst shape of any lake.

The EPA blames it on invasive species and algal blooms from runoff into the lake. Toxic chemicals are threatening the Great Lakes’ ecosystems and keep them from being truly great.

“A number of problems could occur in terms of illnesses that people could experience because of deteriorating environmental conditions,” Congressman Brian Higgins (D-Buffalo) said.

Higgins said this could be bad news for the progress of Buffalo’s Waterfront and contaminate drinking water if it’s not addressed quickly.

“We have spent too much time and effort over the last couple of years in creating canal side and the last thing we need is to allow the water conditions and environmental quality of Lake Erie to deteriorate,” Higgins said.

On Friday the Seneca and Cayuga Native American Nations joined Sisters of Mercy for a march in Downtown Buffalo in support of water rights and protecting Lake Erie. Hundreds held signs and even chanted.

“We are at the juntured to the Niagara River and Lake Ontario and out to the ocean. So our water affects the world as the world’s water affects us,” Sister Mary Ellentwist said.

The Sisters of Mercy of Americas are holding their chapter conference in Buffalo this weekend. One of the topics they are addressing is water. One of their concerns is President Trump proposal to slash funding to the Great Lakes.

Less money means less ways to fight the toxic chemicals and invasive species that are deseriorating Lake Erie. Funding Congressman Higgins said he’s planning to fight tooth and nails to keep.