A shot of lake effect snow is coming our way. Here's how the next 72 hours plays out

Posted at 1:52 PM, Dec 04, 2018

You can keep the shovels in the garage Wednesday, But depending on where you live, you'll have to do some shoveling Thursday.

A lake snow band will start up Wednesday evening over the Southtowns and then move into the City of Buffalo and Northtowns in the early morning before returning to the Southtowns and Southern Tier later in the afternoon.


Chilly start under partly cloudy skies with light breezes.  Snow showers will develop in the evening for the Southtowns and Southern Tier. Only minor accumulations are expected during the day on Wednesday.

Lake snow band will make a move to the north arriving into the City of Buffalo in the predawn hours.  1-3" of snow can be expected in the Southtowns and the same for the City of Buffalo.  Winds will increase which will reduce visibilities on area roads.


As of right now, models show the band of heavy snow moving into the metro area in time for the morning commute to work. Expect some slowdowns as you hit the roads during the first half of your day. 

As for snow totals, they will be modest. It doesn't appear the band of snow will sit over one location for a long period of time with most locations receiving 3-6" of snow.


Band of snow will move south of Buffalo and into the Southern Tier for the afternoon as winds begin to shift more westerly. Expect a breezy one.


A clipper will bring widespread snowfall to the area late Thursday afternoon into the evening. 

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