Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels needs your wheels

Posted at 8:21 AM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 08:21:22-05

Imagine making more than 300 lunches and dinners everyday. That's exactly what workers and volunteers do at Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels.

"For us there was a spike late last year in October, November and December," said Dan Wiles the Executive Director. "We jumped up from 255 daily clients to 270."

This increase in demand only adds to the 85,000 meals they make a year out of their Tonawanda location. Now they need help getting those meals to all of their clients' doors. 

"Right now we have 18 routes and we try to kee 12 to 15 people on each route," said Wiles. "We'd like to expand to 20 routes so I need 10 drivers and 10 servers and that will allow for our daily increase."

Drivers and servers arrive every Monday through Friday around 11 o'clock to load their vehicles with warm and cold meals. Then stop at each home that's listed on their clipboards corresponding with their route. 

According to Wiles each route right now takes about an hour to get through. 

March is also a big month for Meals on Wheels. It's "March for Meals" and you can help by ordering a pie from Sweet Beginnings on Delaware Avenue. 

The bakery will donate $3.14 from each order. If you want to volunteer or get more information on Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels visit their website here.