Keeping your grass green during the drought

Posted at 6:19 PM, Jul 20, 2016

With no rain and hot temperatures, many Western New Yorkers are being forced to use more water than usual to keep their grass green and growing.

Malcolm Nisberg tries to water the grass at his Amherst condo at least every other day. He’s using two to three times more water than normal.

"The drought is horrible. If we don't start getting some rain soon I think we're going to have a big problem," Nisberg said.

One of the major problems many homeowners are dealing with is dead grass.

Rocco Guadagna owns Vision Lawncare Service. He said there are ways to protect your grass from dying.

"We obviously encourage if you have sprinklers to keep them running twice a day. Early in the morning is best, like 5am or 6am and then again around 9pm,” Guadagna said.

He also said a common mistake people make is cutting their grass too short during the summer time. The recommended height is three to four inches.

“Keeping it taller and longer you allow the soil to have a little bit of more shade,” Guadagna said.

If your grass is brown already, Guadagna said you should find a fertilizing company to help. He said you shouldn’t worry about it too much because summers are short in Western New York.

"Just enjoy it while it last. You don't know, it'll be snowing next week,” Guadagna said.