KanJam tournament helps fight pediatric cancer

Posted at 10:31 AM, Jul 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-24 11:22:25-04

More than 40 teams participated in a KanJam tournament Saturday afternoon to raise money for the PUNT Foundation, which helps local families fight pediatric cancer.

The event brought people from 21 to 75 years together for a good cause, raising more than $15,000, which will all be donated to the organization. 

"It's a passion," said former Buffalo Bills punter and founder of organization, Brian Moorman. "We want to make sure that these families get what they deserve and what they need because it is a need for them. These kids are going through a lot so we want to do everything we can to bring a smile to their face."

The organization was founded in 2004. They hope the event will become an annual tradition.

"We're a locally based charity, giving money back to families in Western New York who are going through an incomprehensible trial," said Executive Director for PUNT Foundation Gwen Mysiak. "Pediatric cancer struck my family which is why I ended up being the executive director for the PUNT Foundation. We are very passionate about our mission, and very confident that our resources go where they need to go." 

Local company, KanJam thought putting together an event with the PUNT Foundation would be the perfect way to raise money for these families.

"I have three kids myself and thinking that pediatric cancer is a great cause, I looked around Buffalo for what organizations were out there that we could help," said CFO of KanJam, Gregg Turkovich. "So we came together with the PUNT Foundation, and it culminated to today's event, with over forty teams!"

All the money raised will stay in Western New York to help kids going through pediatric cancer. To make a donation, you can go here.