Man tells police he shot, killed pregnant ex

Posted at 5:58 PM, Apr 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-29 23:15:48-04

Authorities in North Carolina say a man admitted to killing his pregnant ex girlfriend and leaving her body in a vacant South Carolina lot. 

Shannon Ditillio of North Tonawanda was found shot to death on April 11th. Police say her ex boyfriend Christopher Kalb admitted to the murder. 

Kalb was arrested on April 13th on a warrant for a domestic violence incident involving his current girlfriend in North Carolina. 

Police say Kalb told them Ditillio "got in my head so I blew hers the f*** off."

Kalb is the father of Ditillio's 16-month-old daughter who lives in North Tonawanda with family.

A search warrant reveals police seized property belonging to Kalb including firearms, ammunition and spent shell casings. 

According to the police documents, Kalb says his current girlfriend picked Ditillio up from a bus station in Myrtle Beach, SC and drove her to the North Carolina residence where the couple lives. 

Police say Kalb's phone records showed a map of the location in Longs, SC where the 24 year old says he drove Ditillio on the evening of April 10th and killed her. Her body was discovered the following morning. 

Kalb is currently being held by the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office until he is extradited back to South Carolina and officially charged with Ditillio's murder. He has an extradition hearing scheduled for next month.