Josh & Friends: Fitness for a special group

Posted at 9:30 PM, Oct 21, 2016

Working out and staying in shape can be tough, but one fitness class in Kenmore is filled with people who are full of smiles no matter what.

Josh & Friends is a class for adults who have developmental disabilities.  It was created by Shelley Snyder and her son Joshua Helmer.  Joshua has Down syndrome, and when he moved into a group home, he joined a local gym to try and stay in shape.  But for Joshua, that just didn't work.

"He kind of got lost, and had to do his own thing," Shelley explained.  "He needed something with a little more structure."

So together, Shelley and Josh started Josh & Friends.  The workout class meets twice a week at Sow It Now Fitness in Kenmore.  Teacher Joscelynn Baio says leading the class is an amazing experience.

"Once Josh and friends came into my life it turned my whole mindset around.  Josh and friends is actually changing my life," she explained.

The 45-minute class is a circuit training workout, with cardio for one minute, followed by a minute of weight lifting.  Joscelynn oversees the weight lifting, and her partner Aleasa teaches Zumba to get the class moving.

Right now the class meets every Monday and Wednesday evening.  Since it started, the group has added more classes because the need has been so great.  If you'd like to learn more about Josh & Friends, you can contact Shelley at 807-5629 or Joscelynn at 490-0506.