Join Channel 7, The American Diabetes Association, and Lorenzo Alexander & to fight Diabetes

Posted at 5:00 AM, Nov 01, 2018

Channel 7 WKBW is partnering with the American Diabetes Association with support from The Lorenzo Alexander A.C.E.S Foundation to present the Type $1 Campaign.

Our fundraiser will run through the month of November with funds raised going to support the Western New York Chapter's Camp Aspire in Rush, New York.

"The main goal of the program at Camp Aspire is to allow the campers the ability to feel at ease and "accepted" in a community where having diabetes is the rule, not the exception." - American Diabetes Association.

The expense to send one child to Camp Aspire is $1800, per child.

Through fundraising, the cost is now $650 for just one week at this camp that gives children the ability to learn skills they'll need to manage diabetes into adulthood.

Your tax deductible gift is allowing families in need of financial assistance to send their children to this life changing experience.  

We'd like to meet some of you to say thank you in person. We are selecting 20 people to join Channel 7 and the Bills for a game night at Dave and Buster's!

After donating, you'll receive a note from Channel 7 with instructions on how to let us know why you'd want to spend time with us.

We'll see you there!


Here is a link to donate: http://main.diabetes.org/goto/WKBW

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