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Posted at 3:56 PM, Jul 19, 2018
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Company Name : Steuben Foods             
City, State for position : Elma, NY             
Job Title : Laboratory Technician               
Job Type : Full Time        


Job Description : Position is responsible for performing all tests, analysis and evaluations in all of the primary plant production areas, effective communication with management and plant production personnel, documentation of compliance records and performance of job duties as outlined below in the Quality Control Laboratory.


Job Duties:
Performs quantitative and qualitative tests on raw materials, work in process and finished products to determine composition, microbiological condition and compliance to specifications.
 Performs tests and evaluations of packaging materials and packs to determine integrity and compliance to specification.
Audits processing equipment and assures that data indicating and collection devices are operating properly.
Documents results of testing, procedural methods, product condition and composition and process operating conditions on appropriate records and maintains such records in an accurate and orderly manner. Assures that records, logs and data are in compliance with associated regulatory and company requirements.
Effectively communicates out of specification results of testing, evaluation or observation to appropriate company personnel to generate reaction to out of compliance conditions to prevent or minimize losses.
Assists in training of new personnel in later workstations after theory taught by QA Tech 2.
Shows development of analytical and technical skills with passing grades in testing of internal/external blind sample programs.
Begins to participate in performance and understanding of Tech 2 responsibilities
 Participates in completion of Performance Excellence Program tasks.
 Effectively communicates assigned workload and work changes to the next shift. Reviews and initials laboratory communication log.
Understands and performs basic troubleshooting and corrects minor instrument malfunctions.
Performs tasks in compliance with all company standards, including those for safety and efficiency. Attends required OSHA and safety training classes.
Performs any other duties as assigned or required.


Job Functions:
    Repeated movement from fluorescent laboratory lighting to standard production lighting.
    Reading of instrument LED screens from neutral background to schematic readings with flashing points.
    Opening, closing, and usage of laboratory chemicals.
    6 stair ladder climb to silo platforms.
    Repeated movement from tempered laboratory to 100F processing rooms.
    Repeated movement from climate control laboratory to high humidity production floor areas.
    3 stair climb to a platform and collection of product on a moving industrial beltline.
    Smell exposure to peracetic acid, iodine, and sanitizing chemicals.
    Walking alongside fork lift traffic.
    12 staircase climb to walking platforms of production fillers and product blending systems.
    Collection of manufactured products (floor level) at open conveyor lines.         
Job Qualifications : Education Requirement:
Associated or military degree in technical or physical sciences and or 10 years of Food Laboratory experience      
Other ways to apply (Phone, email, etc.) : STEUBENFOODSINCORPORATED.appone.com
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