Jim Kelly dedicates "Kelly Tough Room" at ECMC

Posted at 8:35 PM, Oct 18, 2016

One room at the Erie County Medical Center has now officially been sanctioned as "Kelly Tough".

Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly and his family were on hand on Tuesday to dedicate the new "Kelly Tough Room" at ECMC. Kelly donated memorabilia to the hospital which will be on display in the room where he stayed during his cancer treatment. 

"I remember when I walked the halls when I was here and when you see some other people you look in the mirror and say you know you don't have it that bad.", said Kelly. "There are so many other people that don't have the support. Don't have encouraging words to be able to get them through to the next day."

The "Kelly Tough Room" is designed to inspire patients and their loved ones who come to ECMC for their own treatments.