Is Canalside handicap accessible?

Posted at 6:20 PM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 18:20:13-04

Canalside currently has six handicap accessible parking spots across four locations.

One Tonawanda grandmother says Canalside doesn't have enough spots and the ones they do have aren't convenient. Jari Tiebor brings her grandchildren to Canalside to "create memories with nana and papa, memories they can live by," but she's having a hard time making those memories when she can't find a place to park.

Tiebor had a knee and back surgery, meaning she needs assistance walking sometimes. She says she loves the development on Buffalo's waterfront, but wishes Canalside was more friendly to those who need handicap accessible parking. "One major problem I see is that they're on a beautiful cobblestone street, but try and push a wheelchair over the cobblestones with any ease. It isn't easy." 

Tiebor also wishes there were more spots, but Canalside says for the number of parking spots they currently have on the cobblestone, they say they exceed the number of handicap accessible spots required by the ADA. For 1-25 spots, the ADA requires one accessible spot. Canalside has 20 spots within their "footprint" and they have six handicap accessible spots. 

Canalside issued the following statement: Canalside has more than the legal requirement of handicap accessible parking spaces but we are constantly reviewing our parking situation.

Tiebor says she isn't angry, she just wants to speak up for those who need assistance and want to enjoy all Canalside has to offer. "My argument isn't over the fact that I have a disability and I want extra perks, my need is simply to have availability to be as independent as I possibly can."

The City of Buffalo is currently conducting a parking study at Canalside to determine whether or not more handicap accessible spaces are needed.