Plans in place for a heliport near Buffalo River

Posted at 10:13 PM, Oct 06, 2017

There is a new plan being drawn up to bring a heliport to Buffalo’s riverfront.

‘FLY Buffalo NY’ currently operates out of two locations, but the company is hoping to add another location soon in downtown Buffalo.

“The land is not being utilized right now and if I can turn it into something that would help better Buffalo, then that’s my ultimate goal,” says owner Michael Campbell.

Campbell is talking about the vacant lot near the water, next to Silo City, just off of Ohio Street. He’s working with Ellicott Development to transform it into a heliport with three helicopter landing pads, office space and parking. Eventually they say like would like to add a hangar and customer lounge.

His business does not plan to run tours from the location, but some people in the area still have strong feelings about the proposal.

“I think there are a lot of other places in Buffalo where it could take place and it wouldn’t be as detrimental,” said Joshua Smith of PUSH Buffalo, who does environmental landscaping at the Silo City site. “I’m very concerned with how the investments that have been made in this area, as far as ecological restoration and the public use of the Buffalo River, and I’m very concerned that that’s not compatible use.”

“I think the area is perfect, it’s primarily industrial, the silos will block out a lot of the noise that most people are concerned about,” says Campbell.

The project is expected to be looked at by Buffalo’s Planning Board on October 10.