Body found inside burning Niagara Falls home

Posted at 3:05 AM, Jan 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-03 12:56:56-05

A body was found inside a Niagara Falls home on 14th Street, early Tuesday morning.

Niagara Falls fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire. Investigators now confirm the body found was a man's.

Firefighters were called to the home about 12:30 a.m.  The fire chief says it was called in by a passerby.

Crews with the Niagara Falls Police Department say the entire second floor of the home was engulfed in flames when they arrived on scene.

Heavy flames were shooting through the roof of the home.  Firefighters started fighting the fire from the inside but it quickly became too dangerous.  The roof had collapsed, forcing firefighters to pull out from the house.

Crews were working outside, hosing the fire down, before it was under control.

The house was vacant.  Firefighters say the body was found on the second floor of the home, where firefighters said they found heavy fire.

It's unclear if the man found inside the home died from the fire, or had passed prior to the fire starting. Fire officials say the fire could make that hard to determine.

"One thing about fire is that it pretty much burns up a lot of your evidence or anything that's there to show what it is," said Fire Chief Thomas Colangelo on behalf of the Niagara Falls Fire Department, "But we make our way through and try to figure out what happened based on what we have at the scene."

No detail's about the man found inside the home have been released at this time.

We're told this investigation is now a team effort.