Introducing the Mighty McDermott

WNY market introduces McDermott inspired sausage
Posted at 11:45 PM, Aug 02, 2017

With the Bills at Training Camp getting ready for their season, David Camillo, of Camillo's Sloan Supermarket is doing what he can to help get you ready for your tailgate.  

The Mighty McDermott is the markets newest creation, a blend of pork, spinach, cheese, peppers and onions named after new Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott.

Camillo says the new sausage is similar to the Big Rex that was available at the market during Rex Ryan's tenure as coach, but he explains that there are some differences.

"We actually shortened the length on it because McDermott is a littler shorter than Rex and we lightened it up a little bit with the spice because he's not as aggressive as Rex."

Camillo's son originally came up with the idea for the sausage and with it becoming one of their best sellers they considered leaving Rex's name on it "we were gonna call it the Ex-Rex after he departed, but we decided to honor McDermott with it."

But now the Mighty McDermott is ready for your next tailgate.  Camillo's Sloan Supermarket is located at 494 Reiman St.