International commission paying attention to Great Lake intiative

Posted at 11:43 PM, Mar 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-28 23:43:46-04

One reason Lake Erie and Lake Ontario have become places for recreation again is the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. 

The health of this lake, the health of our waterways will absolutely effect the health of our economy and quality of life, said Jill Spisiak Jedlicka of Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper.

The upcoming federal budget proposal does not include the $300 million to fund the GLRI. The plan with the new budget is to try and save taxpayers money. 

American and Canadian officials of the International Joint Commission met in Buffalo on Tuesday at the WNED/WBFO studios. The GLRI was a topic of discussion. The public meeting was hosted by Great Lakes Today.  

The commission's job is to help Canada and the United States avoid disputes over the border. Something that could happen, if the Great Lakes become more polluted.

Canadian members of the International Joint Commission are keeping an eye on what happens in Washington when it comes to the GLRI.

Whenever there is something on one side of the border that effects the other side, that's something that we have to make sure doesn't grow into an issue between the two countries, said Gordon Walker, the Canadian Chair of the International Joint Commission.