Man with Down Syndrome is international musician

Inspiring millions one piano key at a time
Posted at 12:36 AM, Jul 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-31 05:38:07-04

For Sujeet Desai, music is more than a passion. For this Williamsville man living with Down Syndrome, it’s a way of life.

Sujeet’s mother Sindoor knew from day one she wanted her child to be the best he could be and after doing some research, decided a musical instrument was the perfect way to teach discipline and give her young son a chance to interact with other kids.

Seven instruments later, “Suj,” now 35, has exceeded every expectation and done more than his parents could have imagined. 

"He has achieved things that even normal children don’t achieve," Sindoor said.

He’s played in 14 countries, captivated audiences at Carnegie Hall and his skill has once again propelled him onto the international stage.

Suj was one of 13 musicians selected to play in London and be featured in a commercial for the 2016 Paralympics.

The commercial features athletes and musicians with the message that “we are super humans," a message Suj lives by each and every day.