Inmate arraigned after attack on attorney

Posted at 1:19 PM, Mar 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-16 13:19:27-04

A Cheektowaga man who is already in jail and convicted for attacking his ex-girlfriend and her friend with a sledgehammer before also attacking her father has been arraigned on new charges after prosecutors say he attacked his attorney.

54-year-old Mark Dublino is now facing one county of felony Assault While Confined in a Correctional Facility and one count of Attempted Assault with Intent to Cause Serious Injury.

The Erie County District Attorney's office says Dublino attacked his attorney, Joseph Terranova during a private, contact allowed meeting in a conference room at the Erie County Holding Center on Friday March 9, 2018. Officials say Terranova sustained injuries to his upper body and face. Dublino was also taken to a local hospital for medical treatment.

If convicted on these new charges, Dublino faces up to seven years in jail.

Dublino is already locked up and awaiting sentencing for his attack on his ex-girlfriend, her friend, and her elderly father. Sentencing was scheduled for March 12, but was delayed due to Dublino's alleged attack on his attorney.

In January, a jury found Dublino guilty of attempted murder, burglary, aggravated criminal contempt, and assault for the June 6, 2016 attack.

On June 6 2016, Dublino entered his ex-girlfriend's Williamsville home, violating an order of protection. Inside, Dublino attacked his ex and her friend with a sledgehammer -- hitting them each in the head multiple times.

After the attack, Dublino drove to his ex-girlfriend's parent's home in Amherst and attacked her elderly father with a shovel.

Officials say all victims are still recovering from their injuries.


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