Industrial hemp education tours are starting

Posted at 5:18 PM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 17:18:35-04

Farm in Peace, located in Collins, is joining the New York State Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot program. The plan was put in place by the state in order revitalize communities and expand the local growing economy. 

“Where the farm is located, gps points to where the fields are going to be planted and let local law enforcement know that you’re going to be growing it and you have been approved as well," Christopher Jeanniton, owner of Farm in Peace, said. “We wanted to be on the forefront of something, see where it takes us, see how it grows here.” 

Beginning August 11, Farm in Peace will start holding educational tours to inform the public more about hemp, it's cultivation and uses. Each tour will last about an hour and a half, it will cost $3 per person and groups max out at 30 people. The presentation includes: 

  • General industrial hemp education 
  • Parts of plant 
  • First year experience so far
  • NYS pilot program 
  • Crop uses
  • Walking tour of 9 acre field
  • Research and intended uses
  • Hemp market and economics 
  • CBD

Hemp is the cousin to marijuana, both members of the cannabis family, but hemp isn't psychoactive; containing minimal amounts of THC. Hemp is cultivated and applied differently as well, commonly used to produce fibers, rope and other textiles. Learn more about hemp here.

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