Working out when your muscles & joints are older and wiser

Posted at 7:55 AM, May 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-30 07:55:58-04

Working out may not be as easy when you've put years of experience on your joints and muscles, so we're sharing some tips for you or any friends or family members you have who are just getting older and wiser!

Wednesday, May 30th is 'National Senior Health & Fitness Day' so we went to Jill Bronsky, owner of Forward Fitness. Forward Fitness encourages older adults to stay active, despite any ailments like weakened bones or arthritis. Bronsky offers one-on-one sessions, classes at community and senior centers and fitness classes at studios around Western New York.

Fitness can be as simple as doing functional workouts, or actions that mimic things done in every day life. You can lift your leg and touch your toes to a paper towel roll to work on balance, do small step-ups to prepare you for stairs or taking small steps followed by larger steps to mimic you walking over a dog or a puddle that may be in your path.

Benefits of staying active as you're aging are obviously physical, keeping you ready for things you want to do, but also mental. Getting active keeps you engaged, excited and taking a class in a group setting creates a very social, supportive environment for you to enjoy.

You can learn more about senior health and fitness here

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