I-TEAM: Elmwood Regal movie theater has history of problems

Police withhold video from public
Posted at 6:41 PM, Jun 09, 2017

It has become a regular occurrence: Police cars at the Regal movie theater on Elmwood Avenue responding to a 911 call like they did Tuesday for a felony assault.

Whether it's for a fight, a bomb scare or reports of bed bugs, police data shows that there have been 26 calls to that location just in the last five months.

That’s an average of more than once a week that police are being called to the area around the theater.

"Stuff happens at this theater all the time," one patron wrote on Facebook. "I'll never set foot in there again."

Another said, "Always something weird going on at this theater. Not my first choice when it comes to picking a place to enjoy a movie."

So what is Regal doing to curtail the problem?

For one, the cinema manager on Tuesday went outside and attempted to break up the scuffle that he was witnessing on the ground.

That manager wouldn't speak with us when we went to the theater this week. Corporate spokespeople did not return multiple phone calls and messages seeking comment.

But one thing the company has done is hire off-duty Buffalo police officers to work security -- like the one who was trying to break up the fight on Tuesday.

Several eyewitnesses contacted the 7 Eyewitness News I-Team, saying the off-duty officer was too rough in breaking up the fight and may have made the victim's head injury worse.
But police officials say he did nothing wrong.

7 Eyewitness News wanted to show you video of this week's fight so that you could see for yourself exactly what happened, but police spokesman Michael DeGeorge says the city is withholding the video from the view of the public at this time.