Hunter injures spine after falling out of tree stand

Posted at 3:17 PM, Nov 07, 2016

A hunter in Ashford fell from 25 feet from a tree stand and hit his head.

Forest Ranger Robert Rogers from the Department of Environmental Conservation says he was notified of the fall by Cattaraugus 911 on October 22.

According to officials, a local farmer who was familiar with the hunter's stand location lead Rogers to the victim.

The DEC says Rogers assessed the hunter and called for EMTs from Morton's Corners Volunteer Fire Department.

The hunter says he was bow hunting and began climbing out of his stand when the stand failed and he fell.

Officials say he injured his lower back in addition to hitting his head.

The hunter says he was able to get up and walk a few steps to his call phone. He said he made a call to his mother before his pain caused his to fall back to the ground.

According to officials, additional medical care was provided by West Valley Volunteer Fire Department and mercy EMS. The hunter was transported by Morton's Corners Volunteer Fire Department off road rescue unit to a Mercy Flight Helicopter. He was flown to Erie County Medical Center for more treatment.

Officials say the hunter fractured vertebrae.