Hundreds protest outside Trump rally in Buffalo

Posted at 12:03 AM, Apr 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-19 18:49:40-04

On his final stop before the New York primary, Donald Trump addressed a crowd of 11,000 inside Buffalo's First Niagara Center.

"Look at this place, just take a look at this place it's unbelievable," Trump told thousands at First Niagara Center.

But Trump's Rally didn't go off without a hitch. Within minutes of taking the stage, a human chain of protestors was forming.

Several protestors were escorted out by Police. In all 21 people were ejected from the rally.

Outside of First Niagara Center, more than an hour before the doors opened, demonstrators were out Protesting Trump.

"I decided to come out because I really am not able to tolerate some of the language, some of the conversations that I've been hearing from the trump campaign," Sue Dorchak told 7 Eyewitness News.

Approximately 300 protestors gathered near Alumni Plaza under the watchful eye of BPD and a mounted Patrol.

In all BPD arrested six, mainly for disorderly conduct and trespassing.