Huge makeover planned for the new Buffalo Grand Hotel

Posted at 9:42 AM, Aug 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-19 13:34:42-04

The Buffalo Grand Hotel, the new name of the Adam's Mark, will focus on being an event center and luxury hotel.

Harry Stinson, the owner and operator of the Buffalo Grand, said he plans on changing the culture of the hotel.

"We've already ripped up the carpet in the lobby (and) polished the marble. We are taking out this old gift shop and sports bar and putting in a new modern coffee shop and guest service center 24/7... We've already changed the menus in the restaurant. We've already changed half the key management staff."

Stinson, who has an extensive background in hospitality services, bought the Adam's Mark in July for $12 million.

The new hotel will feature limo service for guests and vintage cars in the lobby. 

"The whole feel is different. The attitude is different," Stinson said.

The Adam's Mark became an economy hotel he said, and Stinson wants to turn it into a destination. 

"It's the scale of events we put on. It will be the food service side of it. The rooms will be cool too. We are going to rip it out and put in far new furniture and technology."

All of this is going to take about a year to do, but visible changes will noticeable by November.

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